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Forest Graphic     The Westmoreland County Connection - A Comprehensive Guide to Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania
Forest Graphic 2       A local guide to Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania
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About Our County
A brief history of Westmoreland County from its beginnings on February 26, 1773 to the present day.
Parks and Recreation
Listing of natural recreation areas in Westmoreland County including parks, nature centers, and trails.
Links to Westmoreland County's theaters, music organizations, museums, and art galleries.
Links to federal, state, and county government contacts, census info, maps, weather, zip codes, and much more.
Listing of historic sites and major family attractions having their home in Westmoreland County.
Links to churches, synagogues, temples, and religious groups with a presence in Westmoreland County.
From Accommodations to Travel, links to Westmoreland County businesses are categorized and listed here.
Links to K - 12 schools, higher education, and alumni groups in Westmoreland County.
Links to Westmoreland County localities, libraries, chambers of commerce, visitor’s bureaus, and more.
Social Services
Links to human services, animal services, support groups, and hotlines helping residents of Westmoreland County.
Fairs and Festivals
Calendar of events held throughout Westmoreland County. Submit your event for inclusion on the calendar.
Search This Site
Not sure if something is listed here? Find out if there is a page listing what you are looking for using this search function.
Links to organizations in Westmoreland County including scouts, clubs, and other groups.
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